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We believe keeping the information on our site simple & specific.

CodeBreakers is dedicated to serve the global organizations to address their grey areas in their information needs.
The world of information is changing and so are the methods of verify the change. We provide outsourced testing services to mid-sized organizations who have different needs than Fortune 500 companies. CodeBreakers is the right choice for your specific software testing needs.

The demand for proper software testing services is increasing as organizations seek to improve their software quality. This trend of outsourcing has improved through advancements in technology and telecommunications that now allow outsourcing services to offer seamless services all over the globe.

We offer key software testing services such as 'Test Process Consultation' ; 'Functional Testing Services' ; 'Compatibility Testing Services' ; 'Performance Testing Services' ; 'Software Test Automation' and 'Localization Testing Services'.

Though outsourcing is a maturing market, mid-sized software companies and enterprises often struggle to find a reliable and capable outsourcing vendor. CodeBreakers has the right mix of size, flexibility, and experience to provide high quality outsourcing solutions to software companies and enterprises.

Key Benefits Of OutSourcing : -
* Lower cost than in-house software testing services
* Service-level compliance
* Reduce risk through fewer defects
* Flexibility to scale testing as needed without incremental investment
* Shorter cycle times


CodeBreakers – VLSI, is a technology design services team with a great level of expertise in ASIC Physical design.

Our services range from RTL to GDSII for a very complex chips with latest manufacturing nodes, down to 7nm. We are specialized to provide best in class semiconductor design services to help our customers in improving the TAT of their product development. We believe in team work as strength for its growth and success and expanding with the key contacts in the industry.

Our vision is to become key Design partners for the global leaders in technology for IOT, Mobile, server, network and graphics chips development.


RaviEye is mobile based software developed by ‘CodeBreakers’ for the purpose of effective administration. Administrative Officers are the key members of any team who keep the day to day activities running smoothly and they are often the front lines of interactions and often soft targets to the media.
‘RaviEye’ software is the right solution to overcome the administrative challenges and help in day to day life in form of ‘Effective Administration & Effective Governance’ ensuring proper 'Accountability and Traceability'.

RaviEye - Online

RaviEye Online - works effectively only if Internet is available, RaviEye Online comes in two versions namely :

(1) RaviEye Online - User


(2) RaviEye Online - Manager

RaviEye - Offline

RaviEye Offline - works effectively even if no Internet is available for 99% of the time

Testing Services

CodeBreakers provides a full range of Performance Testing Services. CodeBreakers has extensive knowledge of QA and performance methodologies enable our team to design, plan and manage performance testing projects of varying magnitudes.

Our expertise includes : -
* Load Testing * Volume Testing * Redundancy Testing * Stress Testing * Scalability Testing * Configuration Testing

Purpose of Performance Testing : -
Performance Testing has gained significant important in last few years with emergence of cloud computing.

It can help : -
* find bottlenecks in your system,
* compare two systems to determine which best suits your needs, or
* determine if a given system meets your performance requirements

CodeBreakers software testing consultants are experienced senior software engineers (over 10 years on average!) with excellent technical and communication skills. Their hands-on approach enables clients to realize & improved the quality of results more quickly and cost-effectively.

CodeBreakers contribution to your Test Environment :-

* Evaluation and Improvement of the software test process.
* Automation of the test process with an effective tools program.
* Improvement of your defect finding potential and prevent error migration.
* Organization of your testing effort to ensure it is measurable and controllable.
* Creation of meaningful test plans and other critical test documents.

CodeBreakers provides Functional Testing services is tailored to the software's requirements and focused on the system's specific behaviors.
We analyze all possible paths to identify any failures.
CodeBreakers testing team has experience in both manual and automated testing, which help us provide Functional Testing services at each stage of the software development life cycle. Test automation frees up the testing team to focus on difficult edge-cases and immediate needs of the development team.

Plan and Analyze : -
CodeBreakers starts by creating a test plan and test cases based upon the project’s requirements.
The testers will then evaluate the system to make sure that it is functioning as intended. Any defects are analyzed and entered into the bug tracking system.

Approach and Tools : -
CodeBreakers team works as a seamless extension of our clients’ team with experience in both agile and waterfall development models.

Manual and Automated Testing : -
CodeBreakers testing team has experience in both manual and automated testing, which help us provide Functional Testing services at each stage of the software development life cycle. Test automation frees up the testing team to focus on difficult edge-cases and immediate needs of the development team.

CodeBreakers provides compatibility Testing services that evaluate a verity of software and hardware platforms.

* Cross-OS Platforms * Cross Browsers (New & Legacy) * Hardware Platforms

CodeBreakers QA provides Test Automation services to help clients automate their manual testing. We have experience in automating both client/server & Web based applications.

Test Automation Activities : -
* Test Automation Feasibility Study
* ROI Study for Test Automation
* Evaluate and Select Tool for Test Automation
* Identify Automation Framework
* Performing Proof of Concept for Automation Framework
* Develop Automation Framework
* Review Automation Test Scripts

CodeBreakers validates the customer application in its use of a specific local language and general conformance to cultural expectations. We will do this by defining a base standard for the native region’s business process and expectations.
We also have testers with experience in the specific language being tested and compared to the English-language or any other baselined version of the product. We also work with our customers to identify and test any specific regional requirement of special concern.

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